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History of the BCA

The origin of the Biosocial Criminology Association (BCA) can be traced back to several conversations among biosocial researchers about the need to create an organization aimed at providing criminologists with useful information about the biosocial perspective.  Given the proliferation of biosocial research within the past 20 years, we felt it was important to create an organization designed to help encourage and facilitate an open dialogue about what exactly the growing body of biosocial research means for the future of criminological theory and research.


Another primary goal in mind when creating the BCA was to operate as an informative outlet for researchers interested in learning more about biosocial criminology, the underlying assumptions of quantitative methods used by biosocial criminologists, and evidence from contemporary biosocial research on the origins of antisocial behavior.  Most importantly, however, the BCA was formed to advance our current understanding of the complex interplay between genetics, environments, evolutionary pressures, and neurological factors that create differences in antisocial behavior.

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